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Help reduce inflammation, sleep better, lower blood pressure, and more in our pain free zone.

Our Programs

Affordable Pain Free Care

Single Visit

Medicare Pricing Available

Available Pricing:
• $50 - Single Visit
• $30 - Single Visit Medicare Patient

Monthly Wellness Programs

3 Services Included Daily

Available Plans:
• $200 - 8 Visits (Max 2 times a Week)
• $300 - 12 Visits (Max 3 times a Week)
• $400 - 16 Visits (Max 4 times a Week)
• $500 - 20 Visits (Max 5 times a Week)

Spa Services

Become Pain Free

Bemer Sessions

Starting at $20

Helps aid in many disorders and discomforts, sleep, asthma, blood pressure and so much more.

Full Body Vibration

Starting at $5

Toning and strengthening of the muscles in as little as 3 weeks. Builds bone density, decreases cellulite, tightens the skin, helps with many ailments.

Oxygen Bar

Starting at $15

Boost your immune system, reduce stress, fight off cancer, alleviate the effects of headaches, migraines, hangovers and sinus infections, altitude sickness.

Infrared Sauna

Starting at $50

Detoxification, anti aging, skin purification, pain relief, relaxation, cell health, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, weight loss and wound healing


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  • What do the different modalities do?

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